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First China-ASEAN Entrepreneur Forum

2017 Zhisland New Year Forum


28th-31st December 2016


Xishuangbanna-Intercontinental Hotel & Resort


People’s Government of Yunnan Province



China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)

Financial Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC)

China Chamber of International Commerce(Yunnan)

Dayitea Co.

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Welcome to participate:

First China-ASEAN Entrepreneur Forum

2017 Zhisland New Year Forum


※ New Year Forum

※ ASEAN Cooperation

※ 2016 China’s Commerce

※ New Year Dinner

※ Extended Forum


Yunnan Dayi ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum Business Ltd.

Dayitea Co.


Autonomous Prefectural People’s Government of Dai nationality in Xishuangbanna,yunnan

Yunnan Department of Commerce

Yunnan Cooperation Department

Yunnan Government Foreign Affairs Office

Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs in People’s Government of Yunnan Province

Yunnan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Yunnan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

Information Supporters

Zhisland Think Tank

Zhisland Yangming School

Zhisland Yueju

Zhisland Yuanjing

Zhisland Co-investment Fund


Sina Finance

FT Chinese;

New York Times(China)

iQiYi ; etc.

Time Activities

  • 28th Dec.

    Airport Pickup and Registration

    09:00-21:00 Airport Pickup Xishuangbanna Airport

    08:00-24:00 Registration

    Xishuangbanna-Intercontinental Hotel & Resort

    20:00-22:00 Tea Party:Talk with Prestigious Monks

    帕松列龙庄勐 Vice-chairman of the Buddhist Association of China

    帕祜巴康坦 Maha Thera of Southern Buddhism

    帕祜巴玛哈香 Maha Thera of Southern Buddhism

    帕祜巴香 Maha Thera of Southern Buddhism

    帕祜巴炳 Maha Thera of Southern Buddhism

    帕祜巴罕听 Maha Thera of Southern Buddhism

    20:00-22:00 Tea Party:Talk with Chu Shijian


    Chu Shijian Founder of “Chucheng”; Previous Chairman of Hongta Co.

    Feng Lun Chairman of Wantong Co.

  • 29th Dec. First China-ASENA Entrepreneurs Forum

    China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum is the non-governmental, regional and international forum founded by China and ASEAN entrepreneurs. It aims to provide a platform on which business leaders, political leaders and professors in China and ASEAN countries can build up friendship, business cooperation and achieve common development.

    One Belt One Road • Asian Opportunities——First China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs Forum

    【Tentative Schedule】

    08:30-09:00 Arrival

    09:00-09:05 Introduction of the guests

    09:05-09:20 Opening Remark

    09:20-09:30 Speech by guests

    09:40-09:50 Speech by Organizer

    09:30-11:10 Speeches


    09:30-09:50 Long Yongtu Chief Negotiator of China’s entrance to WTO、 Former Vice-minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

    09:50-10:10 Lin Yifu Vice-chairman of China Federation of Industry

    10:10-10:30 Cai Esheng Chairman of FCSSC

    10:30-10:50 Xu Ningning China-ASEAN Chief Business Expert.

    10:50-11:10 Zhang Laiwu Chief Economist of FCSSC

    11:10-12:30 Speeches delivered by ASEAN entrepreneurs


    Zhang Xiaoqing Chairman of Malaysia RH Group

    Xie Guoming Chairmsn of Thailand Charoen Pokphand Group

    Li Tengjie Chairman and CEO of Singapore Temasek

    Lin Fengsheng CEO of Indonesia Salim

    Liu Chuanzhi Honorary Chairman of Lenovo

    Wu Yuanzhi Chairrman of Dayitea Co.

    Zhou Haihong Chairman of Hongdou Co.

    12:30-13:30 Buffet Lunch

    14:00-16:00 Art Lessons

    (Early Application; Target group is the second generation of Zhisland members)

    13:30-13:50 China-ASEAN Commercial Consultation

    Cooperation Mechanism Settlement in Yunnan& China-ASEAN Capacity Cooperation Press Conference

    Xu Ningning China-ASEAN Chief Business Expert

    13:50-14:10 Publication of China-ASEAN “One Belt One Road”index on Policy, Infrastructure, Trade, Finance and People to People Communication and Yunnan Province index.

    Zhai Kun Professor of University of International Relations in Peking University

    14:10-16:10 Introduction and marketing event in ASEAN countries and Yunnan competitive industries.


    Li Huanying Second Seceretary of Brunei Embassy in China

    Dandy S. Iswara Commercial Counsellor of Indonesia Embassy in China Etc.

    16:10-17:30 Talk between Business Representatives of ASEAN countries and Chinese Entrepreneurs.

    Sathiane PHOUTHABANDID Minister-counsellor of Lao Embassy in China

    Extended Forum Zhisland

    19:00-20:30 First China-ASEAN Forum Celebration Dinner and Anniversary of Zhisland Yunnan Franchise Association

    20:30-22:30 Tea Party-The Status-quo and Trend of Think Tank in China


    Xia Lin Director of Center for Strategic and International Studies of Xinhua News Agency 

    Dan Zeng Vice-chairman of China literary Federation

    20:30-22:00 Chairman Talk---Interpretation of the Central Economic Working Conference

    Wang Lin Zhisland Chief Economist

    Chen Chunhua Zhisland Chief Managerialist

  • 30th Dec. Zhisland New Year Forum:


    09:00-11:10 Keynote Speeches

    09:00-09:20 Opening Ceremony and Remark

    Huang Yi Member of Standing Committee of Yunnan Province、Director of the United Front Work Department

    Xia Hua Vice-chairman of Zhisland

    09:20-11:10 Keynote Speeches

    09:20-09:40 Keynote Speeches

    Peng Kaiping Department Head of Psychology of Tsinghua

    09:40-10:40 Case Study

    Chen Chunhua Chief Managerialist of Zhisland

    11:10-11:30 2017 ZHisland Global Innovation Cere mony

    12:30-13:30Buffet Lunch

    14:00-16:00 Innovation Workshop

    (Early Application; Target group is the second generation of Zhisland members)

    This aims to cultivate the creativity of the second generation of Zhisland members by providing them the latest technologies.

    14:00-16:00 Zhisland New Year Forum---Extended Forum (First Half)

    Extended Forum1:Finance Forum

    Cai Esheng Chairman of Financial Center for South-South Cooperation

    Zhang Laiwu Chief Economist of Financial Center for South-South Cooperation

    Extended Forum2:Tourism

    Li Wenxian Chairman of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)

    Wu Yangming Secretary General of TCTAThai

    Extended Forum3: Internet and Logistics

    Huang Yuancheng Chairman of Yuancheng Co.

    Tong Wenhong CEO of Cainiao Logistics

    Extended Forum4: Zhisland New Three Board Forum

    Since the establishment of Zhisland new three board fund and community in November 2015, we have provided roadshows for certain enterprises. On the anniversary of this community, we are going to provide more roadshows for active enterprises engaging in new three board.


    Chen Dongsheng Chief of the Zhisland New Three Board Community

    Shi Chuan Secretary of Zhisland New Three Board Community

    16:00-18:00 Extended Forum( Second Half)

    Extended Forum 5: Traditional Industry v.s. Internet Industry

    How to promote both traditional and internet industry? Business school will give you the answer.


    Jia Guolong Chairman of Zhisland Inner Mongolia Franchise Association and many others Judges

    Chen Chunhua Prominent Managerialist and many others

    Extended Forum 6: Increase income or increase efficiency? What is the service an enterprise need?


    Yu Yang Chairman of Analysis International and others.

    14:00-18:00 China-ASEAN Business Projects Match-up

    Part1 Round-table conference: ASEAN Opportunities of Chinese Private Enterprises


    Su Xuming Chairman of Thailand TCC and others

    Part2 Round-table conference: Business Match-up Conference

    18:30-19:30 Buffet Dinner

    20:30-22:30 Ceremony

  • 31st Dec.

    08:00-12:00 Airport Drop-off

    09:00-17:00 Tourism (Early Booking,Optional Tour)

    1、Pu’er tea Plantation

    2、Primeval Forest Park

    3、Asian Elephant

    4、Border Travel