Z.H.ISLAND is a China-based high-end O2O networking platform for entrepreneurs around the world. Founded by Liu Donghua, the founder of China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the former president of Chinese Entrepreneur Magazine in 2011, the company established 30 local branches, 4 overseas branches and more than 100 communities based on the similar interests. With more than 7,000 outstanding entrepreneurs, the company's members cover 34 industries and 216 industry types.


Top political and business leaders including Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo, Jack Ma of Alibaba, and former Australian ambassador Geoff Raby are all supporters or members of Z.H.ISLAND. They are top entrepreneurs around the world with strong investment and purchasing capacity, high market sensitivity and wide connections.

The total annual business volume of our members' enterprises accounts for

16.77 % of Chinese GDP

52.82% of our members' enterprises have an annual business volume over RMB 1000 million.
China-based high-end O2O social networking platform
30 branches all over the country
more than100 communities based on similar interests
4 overseas member service branches in UK, USA, Canada and Cambodia

Analysis of Z.H.ISLAND Members' Industry

The enterprises of Z.H.ISLAND members have covered 34 industries and 216 industry types. Manufacturing enterprises account for 34.1%. Construction and real estate enterprises account for 16.72%. IT and internet enterprises account for 8.63%. Investment and financing enterprises account for 7.19%.

Co-operation Partners

We have partnered with many top academic institutions and top enterprises globally.



O2O activities, enable Z.H.ISLAND members to strengthen relations.

Growing Together

—— New knowledge and cutting-edge information of industries put forward by business leaders and specialists
—— Improve the efficiency of self-learning together
—— Share opinions and interact with other members


After trust building, the members naturally bring a huge amount of business cooperation demand to each others.


A member must be the decision maker, such as the founder or chief leaders of the enterprise, of an independent legal entity enterprise with a certain business scale.

Holding a positive and responsible value, he/she shall seek for development, be willing to learn and share, as well as engaged in a career that is beneficial to the society.

The turnover of the previous year must be no less than US dollar 10 million. If for an investment company, or investment and financing industry managing fund above $100 million. The applicants can also has been invested by PE/VC with an evaluation of more than $10 million.