During the 2016 G-20 Summit in Hanzhou, Mr. Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy Met Chinese entrepreneurs Including Liu Donghua, the Founder of ZHisland

On Sept. 3rd, the previous day of the 2016 G-20 Summit in Hanzhou, Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy met Liu Donghua, the founder of ZHisland.

During the meeting, Mr. Liu said that after his meet with Mr. Renzi in 2015, ZHisland has initiated its China-Italy Cooperation Project and he also expressed his hope to establish ZHisland Global Elite Club (China Hand). Mr. Renzi then expressed his approval and support to the proposal, saying that the Italian Embassy in China will help to make the list of Italian entrepreneurs who are potential and qualified members for the club as well as take active part in the discussion of its construction.

ZHisland International Business Department are directly in charge of the construction and management of this club, holding the belief that the founding of the club will definitely make contribution to China- Italy Cooperation Project and the internalization of ZHisland members, as well as providing entrepreneurs around the world with an exchanging platform based on endorsement of trust.

Focusing on Artificial Intelligence-ZHisland Global Innovation Conference 2016 in Chongqing, China during Sept. 8th to 10th

On Sept. 8th, ZHisland Global Innovation Conference 2016 officially opened in Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center. On its opening forum Liu Donghua, the founder of ZHisland, announced that “open” and “internationalization” are two keywords for ZHisland of the year of 2016.

During the two-day event, over 5000 entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world have participated in and exchanged their ideas about the innovative application of artificial intelligence. Kevin Kelly, who is regarded as a “prophet” by the business circles as well as the scientific and technological circles, also attended the conference and conducted an impressive speech.

ZHisland Global Innovation Conference 2016 embraced the theme of “The New Species Are Arriving”, with entrepreneur delegations from countries such as America, Japan, Israeli and Italy attending the event and displaying their latest projects on the spot.

ZHisland Global Innovation Conference 2016 is the largest display and value realizing platform for the innovation and improvement based on Internet. So far the conference has successfully held in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and so on, which has attracted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to participate in. The innovation conference is also considered as a main platform of the perfect connection between capital and business resources, which has supported over 100 innovative projects.

ZHisland Global Elite Club (China Hand) Is in the Planning Phase

Proposed by Mr. Donghua, Liu, the founder of ZHisland, ZHisland Global Elite Club (China Hand) is now in the planning phase. Executed by ZHisland International Business Department, the club sincerely welcome business elites who know China and speak Chinese from all over the world to join it.

The club devotes to help global elite to connect with 6000+ ZHisland members. With communication barrier removed and culture understanding deepened, a social platform based on mutual trust is then established. It will help the improvement of the global economic and culture understanding.

At present, ZHisland International Business Department is making preparation for it.

Jiang Sheng, General Manager of ZHisland International Business Department Had a Meet with Italian Official of the Council of the Ministers

On Sept. 20th, Jiang Sheng, general manager of ZHisland International Business Department, had a private conversation with Carlo Capria, the minister of Department of Territorial Economies Development Observatory of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Mr. Jiang and Mr. Capria exchanged their ideas about the project -High Quality Italy as well as Italian export subsidy policies with regard to the small and medium-sized enterprises especially family enterprises. Minister Capria is in charge of the issues concerning the development and internationalization of SEMs and thus he has quite deep understanding about China, Russia and Mediterranean countries. He pushes hard for the collaboration between Chinese and Italian entrepreneurs. Minister Capria was curious about ZHisland Global Elite Club (China Hand) and after hearing Mr. Jiang’s explanation, he immediately expressed his approval and support towards this project, pointing out that setting up a business platform without culture and language barrier is always what Italian entrepreneurs need.

Mr. Jiang added that ZHisland not only warmly welcomed Italian entrepreneurs to join in the B2B matching platform but also those Italian entrepreneurs who can speak Chinese to join ZHisland Global Elite Club (China Hand).

China-Italy B2B Forum - a complete success!

On September 29th, China-Italy B2B Forum was held in Palazzo Lombardia, Milan. Nearly 20 Chinese Entrepreneurs from Henan, Shandong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong and Liaoning of China joined in the meeting and met with more than 100 entrepreneurs from all over Italy. During the meeting, Ms. Hua, Xia, the vice president of ZHisland and Mr. Fabrizio Sala, the vice president of government of Region Lambadi, conducted speeches respectively and exchanged gifts to each other.

Jiang Sheng, the general manager of International Business Department of ZHisland conducted a speech respectively. Mr. Jiang introduced the English website of ZHisland and Global Elite Club(China Hand) platform, he also emphasized that it was rather necessary for Chinese and Italian entrepreneurs to understand and cooperate with each other.

After the speech session, over 100 Italian entrepreneurs joined in the B2B Forum and communicated about their potential future cooperation, focusing on the field of fashion and mechanical. Based on the specific industrial focus and warm-up meetings, some Chinese entrepreneurs were able to make highly qualified match of business resources and demands and also discuss about potential cooperation with their potential partners. Italian entrepreneurs felt it kind to attended the meetings held in exactly their homeland and during the meeting, they expressed strong wish to collaborate with Chinese entrepreneurs.